Hope Blinks – Refresh Your View

Have you ever played the game of staring at another person until one of you blinks?  I have and must admit my strong-willed nature often insists that I be the winner.  

But imagine for a moment, viewing our goals in the same way, resolutely fixated on what we see in front of us.  We stare at them for so long that our vision becomes blurred as we find it increasingly more difficult to focus.  Eventually, we are forced to blink.

Initially, as we set out to accomplish tasks, our laser-like focus appears to work well. Our goals then can consume us causing us to lose balance and clarity. Over time in overdrive, our paths become obscured a we really need to blink. 

New Beginnings

Letting go of our control and our directed self-will allows for a reset and a more vibrant picture once we reopen our eyes…More

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