Art of Living Well


cropped-dsc_0662.jpgART OF LIVING WELL

Living well is the art of finding enjoyment in simple pleasures, creating a unique life atmosphere that fosters well-being.

Simple pleasures are easy to find every day if the pace can be slowed and eyes of appreciation can spot the moments.  Peaceful surroundings, healthy activities, and loving relationships are nurturing nutrients central to good living.

Reconnecting with nature is the easiest and quickest way to nourish the soul.  Cutting wildflowers, picking orchard fruit, or carefully choosing pebbles from a stream allows for moments of peaceful relaxation stemming from an unhurried state of mind.

Learning to take cues from nature, you can infuse a sense of comfort into your surrounding environment.  Bringing outdoors inside with color and texture can be easily achieved using natural elements like berry branches, bark, stone, and sand. Focusing on the senses, depth can be added to daily life.

Living well would not be complete without caring for and sharing with others. Creating a peaceful environment is a necessary step toward inspiration and creativity, but true joy is experienced when extending it outward.

With these easy steps, a unique sanctuary can be created to restore and soothe your mind, body, and spirit while practicing the art of living well.

-Erika K Rothwell

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