Introducing Your Creativity Coach – Erika K Rothwell

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Erika discovered creative design, in her early years, attending Savannah College of Art and Design. Although she had enrolled as an architectural major, her eye for graphic design was noticed by others.

Her penchant for the art and design world eventually landed her in an advertising career, working various aspects of design, marketing, and sales.

Erika’s adoration for creative arts is evident in her writing, photography, and interior decorating. Love of nature and photography combined to inspire her online home goods store, Erika Kay Designs.

She is a self-published author who shares her writing publicly in a personal motivational blog, aptly named, after she found herself creatively inspired in her kitchen.

Combining her passions into a multi-faceted business model, Erika brings a wide range of experience and insight to creative coaching. Her own struggles within the journey have provided the motivation to help others succeed along their creative paths.

What she offers: has been created with the intention of serving others through creative programming consisting of:

  • Value-based service through personal coaching
  • Tools for inspiration and productivity
  • Worksheets for discovery
  • Individualized roadmap planning
  • Workshops and online training

Erika often uses the phrase, “learn and grow with me” stemming from her life-long love of learning and the belief that we are all connected in the process of learning and growing.

With you in mind, she has designed her creative coaching program to help you access your individual strengths and “the heart of your matter” as you use them to fuel your creative drive and create a plan designed with you and for you.

Do you have story you want to tell, a product you’ve always dreamed about creating, or an artistic talent you’ve been wanting to develop?      

Now’s the time!

Book your introductory session with Erika today and get started on your path of discovery!