Make the time for what matters.  We are all so overwhelmed by the many directions we could go in at any given time.  Yet, the best decision sometimes is simply to prioritize.

It’s not a matter of time management, it is a matter of sanity.  An ability to recognize that if there is a chance to do all the things it must start with a plan.

The creative brain is a merry go round.  If you forget to look for half a second, the view has changed.  And with that a myriad of new ideas surface.  The solution may be a “dream catcher” a place where all your brilliance is captured and secured for future use.  A capture of your mind’s eye in its momentary brilliant state.

When those ideas spin around, you can position them in a 1, 2, 3 fashion.  Priorities.  What matters most to you at this given moment.  Where do you want to direct your energy?  

Once you break it down, you can formulate your action plan.  Each priority has action steps.  Let’s prioritize those.  You are getting the hang of it.  Yes, baby steps.  Break it down, baby!

I admit, the 1.2.3 method is linear.  Many creatives I know, including myself, fight against that mode.  Our inconspicuous non-linear abilities grant us insights beyond most average day comprehension.  However, a gift that is not shared is not a gift.  And in order to give a gift, you must package it with care, and present it in a timely fashion.

Thus, the advice to prioritize.

Break it down into tiny bite-size morsels.  Don’t over indulge, making your self sick over it.  Move through the motions.  Grow.  Learn. Make a visual list.  Number it 1,2,3.  Get it done.

Your creative self will feel vindicated, even if not within the non-linear constraints of your overactive mind.  A book not written cannot be read.  A painting not painted cannot be appreciated.  A song not composed cannot be heard.

It is true.  The work must be done.  And it must be done by you.  

You are the creator.  Creators only rest when the work is done.  You can choose to stay in your head.  But the sharing and the caring will never be felt by others.  And your light will not be seen if your don’t turn it on.

© Erika K Rothwell